Duffy Bishop
Dave Jette, Chris Carlson, Keith Lowe and Henry Cooper
 Duffy Bishop Band
AKA:  Duffy Bishop and the Rhythm Dogs
Seattle, Washington
Portland, Oregon
1985 - Present


Duffy Bishop ~ Vocals
Chris Carlson ~ Guitar
Kelly Dunn ~ Drums
Jon Goforth ~ Saxophone
Dean Mueller ~ Bass
Brad Ulrich ~ Saxophone


Henry Cooper ~ Guitar
Oscar DeZoto ~ Drums
Phil Haxton ~ Bass, Vocals
Jeff Hudis ~ Drums
Richard Evans ~ Bass
Dave Jette ~ Drums
Bruce Lavin ~ Keyboards
John Lee ~ Saxophone, Keyboards
Keith Lowe ~ Bass
Albert Reda ~ Bass
Tom Royer ~ Drums
Dover Weinberg ~ Keys

In Memory of

Phil Haxton

Chris Carlson, Duffy Bishop, Richard Evans, ( not shown ) Chris Leighton, Bruce Lavin
Duffy Bishop Band at Parkers - Opening for Tower of Power - July 1993

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Some of the Pacific Northwest music groups represented today in members of this group include:  Buffalo Clancy, Alive n Well, Duffy Bishop & the Rhythm Dogs, Dynamic Logs, Cupid & Psyche, Cheeseburger DeLux, Home Cookin', Duffy Bishop and her Palace of Culture,  Led Jaxon Band, The Thin Red Line, Good Blessing, Northwest Rock and Roll Band, Rod Cook and Toast, Johnny and the Distractions, Cool Ray & the Shades, Los Xplorers, and many other Northwest Groups

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Last Update:  18 September 2017
Credits:  Richard Evans, Oscar DeZoto, Bob Jasper, Blues Boss
 Band # 1845