The Duprees (misspelled in the ad) at the Gaslight -1962
The Duprees
Puyallup, Washington
1960 ~ 1963


Chuck Bauer ~ Guitar
Bob Bennett ~ Drums
Dwight Gaskins ~ Saxophone
Terry Gilmore ~ Drums
Gerry Roslie ~ Keyboards
Don Sanders ~ Guitar
Sonny Schaaf ~ Keyboards
Jerry Werner ~ Bass

Ron Gardner ~ Saxophone (guest musician)
Clyde Harvey ~ Organ (guest musician)
Jerry Miller ~ Guitar (guest musician)
Wayne Reasch ~ Bass (guest musician)

I had a console Lowry organ. Bob Bennett would come to my house, and we would load the thing into the trunk of his dad's Cadillac. Three quarters the way into the trunk and upside was the only way it would fit. Then, off to the gig we would go, trunk lid banging away... usually in the rain.

Sonny Schaaf, October 2002

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Last Update: 29 December 2009
Credits:  Don Sanders, Jerry Werner, Sonny Schaaf, Craig Kelly, Mrs. (Bob's mom) Bennett (ad), Clyde Harvey
Band # 553