AKA: Sir Phillip and the Merry Men, The Merrymen
Eugene, Oregon
1966 - 1970


Spencer Barton ~ Guitar
Carl Best ~ Lead Guitar
Chris Bradford  ~ Drums
Jim Fischer ~ Keyboards
Mike Hathaway ~ Drums
Phillip Lueschel ~ Bass
Charlie Washburn ~ Lead Guitar
Gary Williams ~ Saxophone, Vocals
David ? ~ Bass

Dynamo was in was based in Eugene, Oregon.  I was 16 years old at the time. The other members were all a year or two younger than me.

The original name for the band was Sir Phillip and his Merry Men.

Phillip Lueschel was the band's namesake.  Charlie Washburn was the original lead guitar. Chris Bradford was the drummer, and Jim Fischer was the keyboardist. This was in 1966.

I joined the group as lead guitar shortly after they were formed, and then Gary Williams joined as lead singer and saxophone player. Phillip left the band and the name was shortened to The Merrymen.

David (last name escapes me) joined as bass player.  Around that time, Spencer Barton and Mike Hathaway began hanging out and jamming with us, although they were both members of a different band.

In late 1967, I left because practice time interfered with my college studies, and both Mike and Spencer joined the band, and the name was changed to Dynamo.

In mid 1968, I moved to the SF Bay area, and pretty much lost touch with the guys, although I heard that they continued to play around the Eugene area for several years after that.

While I was in the group, we played at quite a few school dances, and a number of youth clubs around the area. We were sort of the "house band" for the Veneta/Elmira Oregon teen club, which held dances in Veneta every Friday night. I don't think we made a dime on any of that over our expenses. We never recorded anything, and none of us attempted writing any original material.

We did a mix of what was currently popular on the radio: Hey Joe, (not the Hendrix version), Red Rubber Ball, My Little Black Book, etc., a few Little Richard and Chuck Berry songs (that was what I was into), some Beatles, Rolling Stones, Kinks, etc., a few of the better known Rhythm and Blues numbers, and a few blues songs, including San-ho-zay copied off the Wailers Live at the Castle album.

I don't think any of those guys made a career in music.  Gary Williams became an attorney, but still plays his saxophone in a Eugene based swing band called Swing Shift. Spencer Barton became a commercial airline pilot. I haven't heard of or seen any of the others since 1968. I never joined another band, but continued to play my guitar, jamming occasionally in the Bay Area, but mostly just playing for my own entertainment. I've been back in Eugene now since 1979. My 15 year old daughter is learning guitar, and will probably start a band with some of her friends eventually.

It was fun for the very brief period that it lasted.

Carl Best, November 2005

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