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Olympia Eagles Hall
Olympia, Washington

Some of the bands that performed at Olympia Eagles Hall in Olympia, Washington during those great years of NW music were:

The Beachcombers
Chrome Betty
Jimmy Clanton
The Titans
The Wailers

The Olympia Eagles Hall is still standing and still hosting dances.  They have live music every weekend for their members on Friday night.  The Northwest bands had a love / hate relationship with the Olympia Eagles.  They loved playing there because of the crowds and money......and, before the days of "band boys" and "roadies", hated playing there because they had to drag our heavy equipment up two flight of stairs to the dance hall on the 2nd floor.

Some of the bands that played there included The Corvettes, The Stingrays, The Beachcombers, The Triumphs, The Wailers, The Capris and who knows how many others........
Stan Foreman

The Fleetwoods never performed here but we lived in town and knew what was going on.

My personal connection was that George Barner was one of the Corvettes and regularly played the Eagles.  My friend Al Giesy and I helped the band up those stairs with their instruments once and watched George do his stuff but the cigarette smoke was to much and we left for the fresh air.  We were smokers at that time.

My favorite place was the Community Center but they put on a dance Friday night and the Eagles was Saturday night so it was the Eagles or driving up 4th and around the Triple X Drive In and then down state or sitting at Kings Drive In and being cool.

Gary Troxel, The Fleetwoods, July 2010

Poster Courtesy of John Higgins

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Credits: Stan Foreman, John Higgins, Gary Troxel, Darryl F. Riffero