Bart Bishop, Craig Dickson
Kent Imus, Bob Jones, Dave Ling

Lake Oswego, Oregon
1966 – 1969


Bart Bishop ~ Vocals
Craig Dickson ~ Bass
Kent Imus ~ Drums
Bob Jones ~ Lead Guitar
Dave Ling ~ Rhythm Guitar

In Memory of

Bartholomew "Bart" Bishop
d:  19 October 2009

We played at the Teen Fair at the Memorial Coliseum expo in 1967.  The band formally broke up in the summer of 1969.

Frank Dardano, the best lead guitarist in Portland and Craig Dickson, the best bass player I’ve ever heard, traveled the next summer with the Grateful Dead in Europe as Jacobs Ladder.

Dave Ling, March 2009

Earth Business Card - Image courtesy of Dave Ling

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