Northwest Dance & Music Venues
Image courtesy of Brian Shields
The Egress
Vancouver, British Columbia

Some of the bands that performed at this place during those great years of NW music were:

Mose Allison
Eric Anderson
Hoyt Axton
Tim Buckley
Bruce Cockburn
Albert Collins
Larry Coryell
Bo Diddley
Don and Dewey
Willie Dixon
John Fahey
John Hammond
John Hartford
 Lighting Hopkins
Paul Horn
Freddy King
Goose Creek Symphony
Harvey Mandell
Howling Wolf
Johnny Otis
Nicolette Larson

Steve Martin
John Prine
Muddy Waters
Phil Ochs
Tom Rush
B.W. Stevenson
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee
Taj Mahal
Jessie Winchester

Others ??

I was reading about the dancehalls, and I saw the Egress.  I went to the Egress several times in 1973.  It was in Vancouver near the old bus depot at Geogia and Beatty.   We saw Goose Creek Symphony, and Blues. My friends and I got to talk freely with Howlin'Wolf, and Bo Diddley.  One night I wanted to see Muddy Waters, but I had to work that night. For young blues players, it was perfect

Mike Kennedy, Nelson, BC, September 2003

I am pretty sure I saw Don "Sugarcane" Harris and Dewey (they used to be Don and Dewey) at the Egress. As I remember the club was pretty small and so the atmosphere was intimate so that undoubtedly added to the experience. I was pretty close to "the band" ...spent the winter of '72-73 in Vancouver so it was probably then.

By the time I got back from a European trip in the Spring 73 - Fall 74, the Egress was gone ... sadly missed.  Then it was a whole different scene as I got involved with co-op radio and their efforts to document the local music scene '75-'81.  i was very impressed with DSH's acid playing and his really cool lime green fiddle ... the  work he did with Mayall and Zappa was pretty tuff.

Jim Burnett, Producer/Host, CFRO-FM/CiTR FM, March 2007

I grew up in New Westminster and frequented New West and Vancouver venues. The Egress was a cool little club down by the old Vancouver bus depot ( Beatty and Georgia) The ceiling was low and it was a little smoky. I saw Albert Collins there doing his signature "walk into the crowd " thing. Tim Buckley , Phil Ochs , and Odetta also performed there.

Brian Shields, April 2007

The Egress was one of my first forays into the club scene in Vancouver. It was small and smokey and everything you would want in a blues club.  I saw Taj Mahal sing ‘Cocaine’ there and I felt I had fallen into the centre of coolness.

Kerry Stansfield, September 2007

I was also a regular at the Egress. It only held about 150 people, but the food was great (those giant Beefalo -beef and buffalo mix- burgers) and the music even better.   Some of the acts I saw there were:  Goose Creek Symphony (I saw every show the did for the five days they were there); Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee and Larry Coryell (man, he was LOUD!!!!!!)

Roger Stomperud, January 2008

I'm just just adding a little the info on this great small club.  I met my first wife in April 1974 at the Egress.  I specifically remember, in spite of obvious competing attractions, that Freddie King was playing. Freddie passed in 1976, one of the truly greats.

Neil McBurney, October 2008

I worked there the first year, starting before we even opened.  The memories, the music!!!  We picked the acts up at the airport and took care of them while they were in town.  Consequently got to know them offstage as well as on.

Janet Thibaudeau, October 2009

Mickey Raphael, who has been the harp player for Willie Nelson for the past three decades was the harp player for B.W. Stevenson when they played the Egress in the 70's.

Janet Thibaudeau, April 2010

Richard Cochrane, Scotty Hall and I saw Harvey Mandell at the Egress in the early 1970’s.  Scotty (RIP) got to talk to Harvey Mandell for more than an hour after the gig

Don Whittaker, August 2012

Howling Wolf played the Egress, 12 Nov 1973.

Fay Ryder, January 2013

I saw Bo Diddley at the Egress. That night there had been a blues show at the Coliseum.  As it was around midnight, some of those musicians turned up to see Bo, Willie Dixon and others.

Allan Murphy, April 2013

 I remember seeing John Fahey there once.  He arrived really late for his show and dropped his Kona Hawaiian guitar on the floor as he and his girlfriend loudly burst through the front door of the club.  Years later I ended up working with Fahey, opening for him and Leo Kottke at the Soft Rock Cafe on 4th Avenue several times...Cheers!!!

RC Johnston (aka: Ragtime Ralph), March 2015

Image courtesy of Brian Shields

Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee at the Egress - Image by and courtesy of Allan Murphy
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee at the Egress - Image by and courtesy of Allan Murphy

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