The Eighth Day
Redmond, Washington


Larry Markee ~ Bass, Vocals
James McCallister ~ Guitar
John McCurdy ~ Vocals
John Plushke ~ Drum
Bob Travis ~ Keyboards, Vocals

This band went to Raleigh, NC in 1969 and won a battle of the bands contest.

Darryl RIffero, March 2006

I was the lead guitarist for " The Eighth Day"  Prior to the addition of John McCurdy, we were an average garage band. When he decided to join he could sense an underlying rhythm that would blend in with his vocal style. His sense was correct since we went on to win the 1969 Washington State battle of the bands competition.  He was voted the outstanding musician in that competition. His sweet tenor voice could rival those such as Gary Puckett, Corey Wells, etc.

We played a lot of 3 Dog Night tunes plus covers of most of the current top 40.  However, we did expand our boundaries and played our version of Jeff Beck's "Beck's Boogie, Stepenwolf, Ike and Tina Turner's "River deep and Mountain High", plus lots of others.

It is my opinion the song that won the state battle of bands was John McCurdy's  interpretation of Vanilla Fudge's " Take me for a Little While"

Anyway, the player's were as follows: John McCurdy (lead Vocals), Bob Travis ( keyboards, vocals),Larry Markee (bass,vocals) , John Plushke (drummer extrodinaire) and myself, James McCallister (guitar).

Thanks for listing "The Eighth Day"

James McCallister, September 2008

We were all Redmond , WA boys.  As a side note, one of the bands we prevailed over in the district competition in Woodinville was a band known as "Heart" AKA:  Army.  Perhaps you have heard of them!  They hooked up with two females named the Wilson sisters and formed "Heart".  I guess you could say they kinda did OK.

After the National finals in Raleigh, NC in 1969, the band disbanded, mostly because of terrible management.

James McCallister, September 2008

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Credits:  Darryl Riffero, James McCallister
Band # 833