Image courtesy of Brian Wesner
The Eldorados at Hollywood Bowl
Surrey, British Columbia
1963 - 1965


Ross Barrett ~ Saxophone
Jack Claussen ~ Drums
Ron Dyck ~ Bass
Ched Miller ~ Lead guitar
Robert Rodland ~ Keyboards
Brian Wesner ~ Vocals

Sit-ins and Occasional Members

Sharon Kihn ~ Vocals

Image courtesy of Brian Wesner

We were the first band to play for the midnight dances at the Hollywood Bowl, later the Grooveyard, in New Westminster, BC

Brian Wesner, June 2010

The Eldorado’s were formed in 1963.  Four of the members Ron Dyck, Robert Rodland, Ched Miller, and me, Brian Wesner, lived in an area of Surrey, B.C. called Bridgeview.  The other members Jack Claussen lived in South Westminster and Ross Barrett was attending university at UBC.

Robert Rodland was taking music at UBC. I lived next door to him and I remember hearing him practicing the piano for hours on end.  Robert being the oldest and the most knowledgeable about music was responsible for forming and leading the Band

Bridgeview was a poor area and it reflected in our equipment but we did the best we could with what we could afford.

We all met at Robert's house usually on a Saturday to practice. We would practice until four pm then everything had to stop as Robert would not miss an episode of the road runner, Beep Beep.

Our first gig was at the Bridgeview Community hall amateur hour where we took 2nd place. I think we were beat out by some cute little girl who could tap dance.

Time went on and we got better and so did the gigs, playing at dances and teen halls.

We were the first band to play the midnight dances at the Hollywood bowl. These dances at the Hollywood bowl and later the Grooveyard  went on to become one of the most popular dance spots in the Pacific North West , and hosted such notables as Ike and Tina Turner, Kingsmen  and many more well known acts at that time.

We played regularly at the bowl and other dance halls throughout Vancouver

We disbanded in 1965 due to the usual reasons most bands disband, women and real jobs.

I for one believe it was one of the best times of my life and I’m so glad we could be part of the Pacific North West musical history.

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Members Today
Robert Rodland has retired after a career in the lumber industry.  He remains active in music.

Ched Miller went on to become a broadcaster working at Many Radio stations as a DJ and later as a voice-over commercial artist. He's currently performing in a Bluegrass Group called the Bull Frogs as well as doing commercial work.

Ross Barrett is still actively playing, writing and composing jazz and classical music. He also has a unique body of art work.

Ron Dyck and Jack Claussen... I've lost touch with them.

Brian Wesner:  I remain active in music and like writing and recording my own songs. I also jam with an old friend and great bassist and blues harpist Gary Hansen.

Brian Wesner, July 2010

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