Northwest Dance & Music Venues
Embassy Ballroom/Dante's Inferno - Photo Courtesy of Chris Wolfe
Elegant Parlor
Located in the Basement of the Embassy Ballroom
1024 Davie Street
Vancouver, British Columbia

Some of the bands that rocked this place during those great years of NW music were:

Al Foreman Band
Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers
The Good Shepherds
Little Daddy & The Bachelors
Soul Reflections
Soul Society

Others ?

In the late 1960's this club was run by Pops Chong (Tommy Chong's father).  It was an after hours club with no liquor license (brown bags only).  They had a house band Monday thru Saturday and invited jam sessions with visiting professionals.  The group I managed, the Soul Reflections, played Sunday nights

Viscounts 1965 - Photo Courtesy of Terry Coan
The Viscounts at The Elegant parlor
Two of the most famous bands that were the house bands of the Elegant Parlor were The Good Shepherds with Al Johnson, which then morphed into Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers.

Chuck Gorling, June 2015

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