Austin, Bill
Lyle, Barbara, Malcom
Lynwood, Washington


Malcolm Chip Davidson Cohron,  Jr ~ Drums
Chris Ferguson ~ Bass
Brett Gourley ~ Drums
Bill Guy ~ Keyboards
Austin Miller ~ Guitar
Lyle Smith ~ Bass
Barbara Wachowiak ~ Vocals

The Lead Guitar player was Austin Miller.  It was his Band.  Austin is a Grocery Manager at Fred Meyer in Shoreline.  The Lead Vocalist was Barb Vohoviak.  I don't know what she is up to.  The drummer was Chip Cohron. He now lives in Atlanta, Georgia and is a successful businessman. Bill Guy was on the keyboards and I could find out what he is up to.

I am Lyle Smith, the bass player and I worked at CF as a truck driver until they went tits up.  I currently work for Yellow Transportation and can be found delivering freight in Ballard.  I still play music with my kids and have picked up guitar, we take turns passing around the bass.

Lyle Smith, October 2005

The band started in approximately 1974.  They played all covers including Aerosmith, and Peter Frampton and other bands like that.  The band voted before choosing every song they played on if it was danceable or not because they only played songs that were danceable

Bryce Gourley, August 2005

Image Courtesy of Lyle Smith

Emotion - Photo Courtesy of Brett Gourley

Emotion - Photo Courtesy of Brett Gourley

Bill Guy, Austin Miller, Lyle Smith, Chip Cohron
Barb Whahoyiak

This was our original band photo.  It didn't take long before we decided to try again.  Our keyboard player, Bill Guy, ended up looking like Eddy Munster so we had to pimp him up like Super Fly Guy

Lyle Smith, March 2011

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Last Update: 1 April 2011
Credits:  Lyle Smith, Bryce Gourley, Brett Gourley
Band # 462