The Enemy - Photo by Randy Hall
George Gleason, Suzanne Grant, Peter Barnes, Damon Titus

The Enemy
Seattle, Washington
1978 ~ 1982


Peter Barnes ~ Drums
Michael "Wonderful" Clarke ~ Bass
Suzi Grant ~ Vocals
George Gleason ~ Guitar, Vocals
Paul Hood ~ Bass, Vocals
Damon Titus ~ Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Roger Husbands ~ Manager

The Enemy was one of the key groups in the NW punk scene, along with the Moberlys et al. They even had a well-respected single, "I Need an Enemy"/"Trendy Violence" and started the first punk club, "The Bird", which was closed down by the police (You can hear it at the beginning of "Trendy Violence").

Brad Beck, August 2001

1st single: I Need An Enemy / Want Me 7"

2nd single: Bang Bang You're Dead / Trendy Violence

Clayton Silva, November 2012

The Enemy used to be called the Fruitland Famine Band, and when I joined  to play bass the lineup was the same as FFB's except I took the bass player's spot.

Paul Hood, September 2002

Enemy with their Manager
Lower Left to right -  Suzanne Grant, Damon Titus, Peter Barnes (top) George Gleason (bottom) Roger Husbands (manager) and Paul Hood

Image Courtesy of Michael Brown
Producer- Norman Durkee (R.I.P); Publisher -Motive Music BMI; Copyright date- 1979; Songwriters-
Damon Titus (Bang Bang You're Dead), Suzanne Grant (Trendy Violence)
Courtesy of Michael Brown

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Credits: Brad Beck, Paul Hood, George Gleason, Randy Hall, Michael Brown, Clayton Silva
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