Gary Carter, Dave Romano, Dave Child, Woody Carr, Scott Morris
The Entertainers
Woody Carr
AKA: The El Caminos
Seattle, Washington
1960 ~ 1968


Gary Carter ~ Keyboards
Dave Child ~ Bass
Dave Romano ~ Guitar
Scott Morris ~ Drums
Woodrow Wilson "Woody Carr" Mosley ~ Vocals
Mike Newkirk ~ Bass
Anthony "Tiny Tony" Smith ~ Vocals
John Steen ~ Guitar

Recorded several 45's among which included:

"Psychedelic Orange Truck"
"Theme for Mr. Nobody"

"My Woman"

A friend of mine from Bagley Elementary and Wilson Jr. High was Dave Romano. Dave is pictured  with other members of Woody Carr and the Entertainers. I remember Dave as being very intelligent, especially in Math and Science.  After Jr. High, Dave attended Ingraham High, and I went off to Lincoln High.  Both of us were members of the Class of l965.

While at Ingraham, Dave apparently took up the guitar, and was also a football player/basketball player.  I lost touch with Dave until the year l968.  I walked into a bar near Sea-Tac Airport; there was Dave on stage, with very long hair, just "wailing out" on guitar!!!  He was with Woody Carr at that time.  I said hello Dave at a break, but I wasn't sure if he remembered me at that time.  So here is the "rest of the story".  A mutual friend of mine and Dave set up a meeting of the three of us... this was 30 years later!!  We visited Dave at his mother's house, where he had been living for some time.  It turned out that Dave didn't pursue music after the mid-70's; like most musicians of that era, he eventually embraced the necessity of working for a living.  However, a highlight of our visit with Dave was his playing of an old cassette tape of him playing with Woody Carr!!  He sounded very strong on guitar; very bluesey, as was the trend in the late 60's.

Jack from Everett, June 2004

In the El Caminos (aka The Entertainer's & Woody Carr), Scott Morris, the drummer, was the one person who lasted through all the changes (except for a short hitch in the reserve, when rim shot Mike filled in.

Scott and I were stolen from the "Tremblers" and added to a group which became the "El Caminos".  In late '61 I ended up in the Army for three years. When I got back, Scott was still drummin' away. Everyone else was different. It was still the El Caminos.  I joined as keyboard player.

One of my favorite gigs were at the BFD (R&R Church in downtown Seattle, and a battle with The Dynamics at Parkers. Of course it wasn't a real battle. Dynamics were more polished from the start, but our lead vocal, Woody could hold his own, or more, against Jimmy Hanna.

All of us with daytime gigs too, our idea of going' on the road was Friday night in Walla Walla, and Saturday nit in Lewiston, Idaho, or.... Friday nit in Port Angeles, then Saturday nit in Neah Bay. I remembered the time we left Neah Bay for Seattle, got halfway to Seattle in the Big Red Band Truck, before we noticed that Woody wasn't in the truck. Guys in back thought he was up front, guys up front thought he was in back.

We faded in and out of obscurity in the Northwest until '68, when, as all bands, do, we broke up, leaving our second name "The Entertainers with Woody Carr, and our short moment in the sun, to slip away into the night.

Scott, the only level-headed member of the band (and keeper of the books & money), was to help many of us reunite after almost 40 years. It was the greatest get-together. Far Out! Outta Site, Man!

So, to all my fellow band mates, Scott, Dick E., Mark W., Mike N., John S., Woody Carr, Tiny Tony, Georgia, Dave C, Dave R., Micky E., Gary Snyder, & Gary Stackhouse....,..from me, Gary (Baron Von*) Carter, I'll be seein' ya when I see ya.  Hey, at the tender age of 66, I'm startin' to think the next time I see any of you will be in ...Rock & Roll Heaven.

We called ourselves "The El Caminos", none of us seeing that we had repeated ourselves... in that "El" is Spanish for "The". arrrghhh. Micky E., our sax, should have known. He was from California.

Gary Carter, July 2009

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17 February 2012
Credits:   Gary Carter, Marc Lagen, John Steen, Jack (From Everett), Woody Carr, Georgia Vickers
Band # 563