The Epics
Auburn, Washington
1964 ~ 1966 and 1991 to Present


Current Lineup

Mike Allen ~ Elec. Drums
Don Edwards ~ Keyboards
Rod Hash ~ Guitar
Larry Nyseth ~ Vocals
Wes Winn ~ Bass


Ron Brock ~ Guitar, Vocals
Bob Englehart ~ Bass
Bob Perry ~ Drums
Mike Smith ~ Guitar
Adriano Vicente ~ Saxophone

In Memory of

Bob Perry
Mike Smith

Click on Linkd to Listen to the Epics' Performance - Live from the Firwood :

"Feel A Whole Lot Better"

"Sea Cruise"

"Love is All Around"

"Surfin' USA"

"The Epics played from 1964-1966. We played from Seattle to Olympia, Sock Hops, Talent contests, street dances and cruises on Lake Union and Lake Washington. We played for Demoley, at Pete's Pool in Enumclaw,and were the Gearlords (Car Club in Auburn) private band. In 1965 we loaded all our equipment up on a old flat bed truck and with a generator played down the streets of Auburn for the Homecoming parade.

In 1991 we reorganized in only 2 months with 3 or 4 practices to play at the Auburn Class of 1966 25 year reunion. We are currently in the process of retooling again to do the 35 year reunion on August 25th of this year.   If you remember us, please E-Mail me at"
Don Edwards, June 2001

We reformed a few years ago for the 3rd time since 1964 and are now playing Wednesday nights in Sumner at Grand Central Steak House. I talked with the owners about the idea of bringing in Old NW Bands from the 50's, 60's, and 70's. They love the idea and so I am hoping to establish a regular list of bands to play from 7:30 to 10:00 each and every Wednesday night. If you have a band featured in PNW Bands with at least one original member or would like to retool one, contact me and I will set up dates to play or just come and listen at the Grand Central in Sumner. You can contact me at
Don Edwards, November 2003

The latest group was formed for Auburn High School's Class of '66 35th Year Reunion. Since then we have played at several local taverns including Grand Central in Sumner, Bud's Tavern in Milton, and The Firwood in Fife.  Latest gigs include Auburn's Gearlord's Car Club Reunion and we will play Sept. 16th for Auburn High School's Class of '66 40th Year Reunion.
Don Edwards, August 2006


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Last Update:  14 February 2013
Credits: Don Edwards

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