The Epix in 1965 - Photo Courtesy of Toby Tobiason
The Epics in '65 at Rose Festival Teen-Age Fair in Portland
The Epix
Portland, Oregon
1964 - 1969


John Fowler ~ Saxophone
Ron Marraccini ~ Drums
Jim McIntire ~ Organ
Gary Munden ~ Vocals
Michael Shade ~ Lead Guitar
Darrel Thrasher ~ Bass

The Epix at the Canadian Teen Fair - Photo Courtesy of John Fowler

Photo Courtesy of Ron Fowler

Article from which the top photo originated - Courtesy of John Fowler

"The Epix" was the house band for a local place called The Headless Horseman in Portland. The band existed from 1964-1969.  Members included Ron Marraccini, Michael Shade, Darrel Thrasher, Jim McIntire, and Gary Munden.  They opened for Donovan.

Toby Tobiason, January 2010
Vinyl Resting Place

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Credits:  Toby Tobiason, The Oregonian (Photo), John Fowler, Ron Marraccini
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