Clockwise from Top:  Bob Claycamp, Mick Austin, Steven Crockett, Charlie Cook, Ron Reedy
Eternal Sounds
Hillsboro, Oregon
1966 - 1967


Mick Austin ~ Vocals
Bob Claycamp ~ Bass, Vocals
Charlie Cleveland ~ Bass
Charlie Cook ~ Guitar, Vocals
Steven Crockett ~ Drums
Ron Reedy ~ Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

I joined up with a set of musicians (Mark Wenecke and Mick Austin) and we began to form our own sound.

After a few months, and a couple more musician changes (Ron Reedy and Charlie Cook), we actually had a group that was being asked to play at after game dances, and special events. We named ourselves, THE ETERNAL SOUNDS.

I remember spending hours upon hours in my room recording popular songs on my Dad's little reel-to-reel tape recorder. I would speed up the record to the next highest level and then record the song. It was the only way to really hear the bass part clearly.

Then I would play the tape over and over until I had the pattern of the bass part. Once I had it down, then I would play the record and get the key in which the song was recorded. I would do the same with the harmonies and melodies of each song. It was important to me to get it right, just the way they played it.

We entered a battle of the bands at the Hillsboro Armory, and came in second place. That event brought to us our manager, Bud Garrison, a former member of a very popular local band (Mr. Lucky and the Gamblers) that had just disbanded.

He was working for Sunn Musical Equipment at the time and he had connections. He entered into a contract with us and began booking us through an agency, professional picture shoots and all. We were off and running!

A couple of years later there were a couple of changes that took place in the band.  Paul Stanton and John Dalrymple entered the picture and we changed our name to THE MUSIC BOX..

Bob Claycamp, July 2007

The summer of “68” Bobby Claycamp went back east with his Dad, so fellow class mate and good friend Charlie Cleveland played bass with us on some really fun gigs, like the “Masonic Temple”.

Ron Reedy, January 2012

Eternal Sounds - About '66 - '67    Courtesy of Ron Reedy

Eternal Sounds at the Tork Club - Photo Courtesy of Ron Reedy

Courtesy of Terry Garland

Courtesy of Ron Reedy

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Last Update:  3 December 2012
Credits:  Bob Claycamp, Terry Garland, Kevin Harding, Ron Reedy

Band #  2260