Courtesy of Darryl Riffero and Larry Steffler
The Ethics
Olympia, Washington
1960 - 1966


John Beach ~ Saxophone
Mike Douglas ~ Drums
Ron Easterday ~ Guitar
Deanna Harvey ~ Vocals
Bob James ~ Piano
Rich Lean ~ Guitar
Duane McCasiin ~ Guitar
Michael Moore ~ Piano
Mel Pratt ~ Bass
Larry Steffler  ~ Drums
Janet Weaver ~ Vocals

From 1960 thru 1962 I was the drummer in a the band called the "Ethics".  We were a four-piece group that played Moose Halls, Grange Halls, etc. in the Olympia area.  Our music tended to be the same type as the Ventures, Wailers, et al..

We were all North Thurston High School students.

Mike Douglas, February 2003

The band started in 1960. The original members were Larry Steffler on drums, Mel Pratt on bass, Janet Weaver (vocals), Bob James on piano, and Rich Lean on guitar.  There was also Ron Easterday on lead guitar and John Beach on saxophone.   After high school in 1962 the band was Larry Steffler and the Ethics with Mel Pratt on Bass, Deanna Harvey - vocals, Michael Moore - piano, Duane McCasilin - guitar, and John playing saxophone.

The band was very popular and in demand around the western side of Washington. We played high schools, dance halls, etc.  We had three live appearances on Channels 11 and 13.

Larry Steffler, Bob James, Dick Lean, another guitarist whose name I can't remember, John, Mel Pratt and Janet Weaver started the group at North Thurston High.  We were all sophomores and played all the pop 40 early 60s tunes as well as Freddy King, The Wailers and other groups of the time.

In 1965 Larry Steffler went in the Army. The group broke up sometime in 1966.

Larry Steffler, November 2003

My brother, Mike Douglas, played drums for this group when he attended North Thurston High.  They spent HOURS in our garage practicing away.  My favorite was "Blue Moon".  Great fun!

Marcia McFarlane

John still lives in Washington, as well as Mike Moore and some other members.  If any of you see this, e-mail me though the WebSlave link below

Larry Steffler, August 2006

The original Ethics band members from Lacey, Washington were: John Beach on sax, Ron Easterday on guitar, Bob James on piano, and me Mike Douglas on Drums. We played local dance venues in Olympia, Lacey, and north of North Thurston High School from 1960 thru the summer of 1962.  After high school graduation in the late summer of 1962 I moved to Port Angeles, and on to Pacific Lutheran University. The band regrouped and added several new members and apparently a vocalist.

My family lived in suburban Lacey and the band usually practiced in our garage. I do not ever recall a neighbor complaining about the noise so I guess we were not to difficult to listen to. It was a fun era for rock n roll with the Wailers, the Ventures, The Fleetwoods and other groups around the Puget Sound.

Mike Douglas, April 2014

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Credits:  Larry Steffler, Darryl Riffero, Mike Douglas, Marcia McFarlane
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