Northwest Dance & Music Venues
Image courtesy of Dale Turnbull
Portland, Oregon

Some of the bands that performed at this place during those greate years of NW music were:

Country Joe McDonald
Energy Crisis
Rose and The Dirt Boys
Flying Burrito Brothers
Hall and Oates
  Larry Raspberry and The Highsteppers
Holy Model Rounders
Jimmy Buffett
Lenny and Squiggy


Larry Raspberry and The Highsteppers at the Euphoria - Late 1970's

EUPHORIA, founded by Hippies... a warehouse wtih a huge dance floor on the wrong wide of the tracks.  ONLY the hip bands played there, including the Holy Modal Rounders, an east coast act that ended up based in Portland through the psych years. You couldn't get in or out when the freight trains were switching!  People had to run out and move their cars off the tracks.

Paul Bassett, April 2002

I saw the Flying Burrito bros, Hall and Oates, Lenny and Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley, at the Euphoria (just to name a few).

Dave Johnson, December 2010

I had a tavern in Portland called Euphoria, named by the late Billy Hults for a song by the Holy Modal Rounders. Billy "played" washboard with The Fly by Night Jass Band, Phil .'n' the Blank Spots and many others

I ran across your site when looking   for information about the late John Henry Anderson, bass player for Everything's Jake, Swingline Cubs and did a great solo show.  Over 500 people came to his funeral.  He had a great presence.

Thank you for all the work that you have done. It is nice to see these folks remembered. They brought lots of joy to the Pacific Nortwest.

Bob Moore, September 2012.

Image courtesy of Dale Turnbull

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