Everyone's Brother - Photo Courtest of Pat Fultz
Everyone's Brother
Seattle, Washington
1974 - 1984


Mike DeMars ~ Bass, Vocals
Pat Fultz ~ Drums, Vocals
Rodney White ~ Guitar, Vocals

Everyone's Brother was formed in 1974 and at the time of the above photo the band was comprised of Rodney White-Lead Guitar and Lead Vocals, Patrick Fultz-Drums and Lead Vocals and Mike DeMars -Bass and Lead Vocals. A unique and talented group of professional musicians bringing to the entertainment industry a rare commodity --- They are all lead vocalists and add original music to their repertoire of top 40 and southern rock.

In 1981 KZOK radio joined a network of other leading radio stations across the country in what was called the Big Music America Contest where local area bands submitted their original music to be put on an album and compete in a national contest awarding the ultimate winners a recording contract and $25,000. Everyone's Brother entered “You're Sweet Music To Me” on the KZOK album and was the winner of “KZOK’s Best of the Northwest 1981” competition advancing them to the Regional Competition. This was as far as the band got but it was just very cool to be in the company on this album with some of the finest bands in the Northwest at the time and actually WIN!  By popular vote.

Pat Fultz, April 2010

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