The Executives
Portland, Oregon
1982 - Present


Ernie Gustafson ~ Bass, Vocals
James Hopkins ~ Drums
Michael Leach ~ Keyboards
Rex Plew ~ Drums, Vocals
Dick Schalk ~ Guitar, Percussion, Vocals

In Memory of

Rex Plew

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From Portland, Oregon is Dick Schalk, on guitar, vocals and percussion. Dick is the founding member of The Executives, and The WAYDS, and was also a member of Atlantis, Phoenix, Orchid Storchy and the Equalizers, and a number of other nationally known bands.  Dick is a veteran of many U.S. and international tours.

From The Dalles, Oregon is Ernie Gustafson on bass and vocals. Ernie was a member of The Gophers, Mass Indecision and many other bands that toured the college and university circuit.

From Oregon City is James Hopkins on drums.  Jim is the original drummer of the Northwest's 60's icons, The WAYDS, and has played with many other bands.

From Portland is Michael Leach on keyboards.  Michael is the founder of The Michael Leach Project.

The Executives have released seven CDs; the most recent CD, "Loose Lips", was released in July 2007.

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Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include:  The WAYDS, Atlantis, Phoenix, Orchid Storchy and the Equalizers, The Gophers, Mass Indecision, The Michael Leach Project and many, many other NW bands.

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16 November 2008
Credits:  Dick Schalk
Band # 2414