Ezra - Photo Courtesy of Malone Schwartz
Puyallup, Washington
1972 - 1973


Mike Berg ~ Guitar, Vocals
Scott Billings ~ Drums
Richard Booth ~ Drums, Vocals
Malone Schwartz ~ Bass, Vocals

This is a band that was formed in 1972 by Mike Berg, Malone Schwartz and Richard Booth.

Mike Berg was from Spokane and formally with the Electric Train.  Malone Schwartz was previously with Newton Snookers, the Bob Hammer Band, Boxcar Valley Riders and continued on to form the Strokker band.

Richard Booth was formerlly from Geneses, Obsolete Lamp Shade, Edwin E. Badgely Memorial Glide Band, The Night Riders, Rock-n-Roll Magic and the Great Pretenders, which he was a member with for over ten years, and too many more to actually remember.

If anyone knows how to get a hold of Mike Berg contact malone@mcpainting.net

Malone Schwartz, August 2003

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Last Update: 27 September 2010
Credits:  Malone Schwartz
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