The Fabulous Chancellors
Boise ~ Pocatello, Idaho
1960 ~ 1967


Russ Bice ~ Drums
Terry Call ~ Guitar
Rich Crowley ~  Saxophone, Keyboards
Buster Dunn ~ Drums
Steve Eaton ~ Guitar
Mike Fuehrer ~ Drums
Eddie Heuman ~  Saxophone
Al Kuta ~ Bass
Scott McDonald ~ Drums
Tom Lowe ~ Bass, Organ
Dale Rich ~ Saxophone, Keyboards
Larry Roberts ~ Bass
Monte Saxton ~ Saxophone
Dennis Swindle ~ Bass, Guitar
Phil Volk ~ Guitar
Donnie Williams ~ Drums

Del Chapman ~ Manager

In Memory of

Eddie Heuman
Del Chapman
Richard Crowley -  d:  28 Feb 2018

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The Fabulous Chancellors were begun by Tom Lowe and Dale Rich.  They existed in the Pacific Northwest from 1960 to 1967, becoming one of the most popular bands in the region. They began in Boise, playing there until 1964, when the band moved its base to Pocatello.
My name is Ron Croft.  I helped bring the Chancellors to our school Shoshone High numerous times in the late sixties in fact they played our Junior Prom.  It was the first gig that Steve Eaton and Al Kuta ever played with the band.

I remember the last gig Rich Crowley played with the band was at the Twin Falls National Guard Arimory right before he got married.  I also booked the band a few times at BYU.  They were then going under several different names for recording purposes.  Some names wwere Captain Crunch and the Bunch, Hugg Creek Rescue Mission,  and Presidents Banned which released a single on Yorktown called Gotcha Babe and Tribute to a Lonely Girl.

I have reel to reel recordings of a 30 minute set recorded at a Freshman dance at BYU closing prayer included and a Demo Tape of the Presient's Banned that was sent to several Colleges as part of a promo package, plus serveral live recording at the Tiki Room in Garden City in Boise and Opening for the Electric Prunes at some Ballroom in downtown Boise.  They were called Pride and Possession at that time.

I have been selling air here at 98 KUPD for 34 years in sales the whole time. 98 KUPD has been the Big Bad ASS rocker here in Arizona the Phoenix area for the past 25 Years. We have a great web site check us out at  Rock On!

Ron Croft, May 2005

I was listening and dancing to the Chancellors back in the 60's and have a 45rpm record on the Chandel label (engineered by Bill Chapman).  The songs are "Pharaoh" (instrumental), and "My Angel" (Jim Poore) and I do have three copies autographed by a dear friend of mine, Dennis Swindle, bass, who lives near Seattle, WA.  I have visited the "Fabulous Chancellors" a few times when they play in Nampa.  These are the 3rd generation boys, however.

Robert Miller (Moth), July 2010
The Alligators, Bass

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Last Update:  26 August 2018
Credits:     Rod Nichols, Tom Lowe, Rich Crowley, Larry Roberts, Mike Hadenfeldt, Ron Croft, Mike Fuerher, Mike Wallace
Band # 421