The Fabricators - Image courtesy of Larry Smith
The Fabricators
Vancouver, British Columbia
1985 - 2002


Larry Smith ~ Bass, Vocals
Dave Vidal ~ Guitar,  Keyboards, Vocals
Dave Webb ~ Keyboards
John Witmer ~ Harp, Vocals
? ~ Drums

    John Witmer, Vocals:

Lead Vocals; harp, song writer. John is truly a Canadian icon. He fronted and recorded with Whiskey Howl in the early seventies. After touring and sharing the stage with many of the world's blues stars the band folded, he was next asked to join the Downchild Blues Band. John can be heard on the live record " But I'm On The Guestlist".  John is one of Canada's top blues singer as can be heard on The Fabricators 2 releases.

    Larry Smith, Bass:

Bass; vocals, songwriter, bandleader. Larry has worked with a number of acts over the years including Barrelhouse Blues Band, The Upstarts and the Untouchables.

    Dave Vidal, Guitar, Vocals:

Guitar, vocals, keyboards. A large part of the Fabricators sound is linked to Dave's stinging lead guitar and tasty rhythm playing. Dave is one of Vancouver's most respected musician. He has worked with Al Forman, David Raven, and the Demons.

    Dave Webb, Keyboards:

Piano, Hammond organ. Dave is an original member of The Fabricators. His sensitive musicianship and understanding of the blues is a vital link in the band sound. Dave is a in demand player around Vancouver. He has worked with Nigel Mack, Tim Hershey, Powder Blues, and Jack Levin


From the Fabricators Website

Some of the Pacific Northwest music groups represented  in members of this group include: The ABC Band, Morning Star, Night Train Revue, Belairs  and many other Northwest bands.

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