Face the Distance
Victoria, British Columbia
1988 -1990


April Gislason ~ Background Vocals
Bob Hardy ~ Vocals
Duncan Meickeljohn ~ Background Vocals
Chris Millington ~ Saxophone
Brian Newcomb ~ Bass
Bill Sample ~ Keyboards
Morry Stearn ~ Piano
Bruce Wright ~ Lead Guitar,  Bass, Keyboards, Drums

Recorded Seacoast Sound Victoria B.C.

Bruce Wright on Tour

In Memory of

Bruce Wright

Following the breakup of the Gospel Rock band "SERVANT", lead guitarist Bruce Wright returned to Victoria B.C. with the intent of catching the second wave of the Gospel Rock movement. Having been involved in the first wave from 1970 with the Gospel Rock bands "Freeway" of Victoria B.C. 1970 to 74 and "SERVANT" of Grants pass Oregon,1977 to 1985  he was keenly aware that Gospel Rock had grown from a counter culture protest, to an accepted and ligitimate genre of music. With that in mind he secured a position at Seacoast Sound Studios in Victoria B.C. as a writer. This allowed him access to a studio and engineers to create his musical vision.

Wright incorporated his own publishing company Ko-alla Rights Music Inc. with his wife Lorraine and set to work.Two years later ten songs would become the culmination of that vision,with lyrics music and production to his credit. Decidedly different in content from his previous work with SERVANT the album contained a love song and other secular nuances. As a multitalented musician he contributed, keyboards, lead guitar, bass, and drums to many of the tracks. Bob Hardy formerly of SERVANT was brought in and with help from Seacoast sounds Dunc Meicklejohn laid down the vocal tracks.

The cd was released in 1990 as Face The Distance, And did well getting airplay on both Christian and mainstream radio. The love song "Song of Songs" and rock song "Runaway" crossing over to mainstream airplay. Things were looking bright. Then Tragedy struck. Wright was diagnosed with cancer. Bruce Wright died of cancer in Victoria B.C. in 1993,

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this group include: Servant, Freeway, Broomtown Band, Canada, The Fox, Chilliwack,Coachmen, Bobby Faulds and The StrangersBlues X 5,  and other NW bands.

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Last Update: 30 January 2005
Credits:  Brian Wright
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