Andre, Mike, Gord, Kim
The Falcons
Vancouver, British Columbia
1992 – Present


Mike Beddoes ~ Lead Guitar
Kim Clarke ~ Rhythm Guitar
Andre DesLauriers ~ Drums
Gord Kearney ~ Bass

The Falcons play original instrumental rock and roll inspired by The Shadows and The Ventures.

Mike Beddoes: ‘As a singer I’m loud and in tune, but that’s it.  Making a virtue of necessity, I made a demo tape of three instros, instead.  Everyone who heard it said, “There’s no singer, it’ll never be popular, it’s not disco enough, not punk enough, not a chance, etc.”  So, fortified by this vote of confidence, we recorded “Shadow Land”.’

“Shadow Land”, from The Falcons’ self-titled 1992 EP cassette, charted coast to coast in the top ten on Canadian campus radio and appeared on Rounder's “Beyond the Beach” instro compilation.

Debut album “Queen of Diamonds”, with guest guitarist Nokie Edwards of The Ventures, was named Album of the Year (1998) by UK magazine, Pipeline Instrumental Review.

The Falcons have recorded five albums, toured in Europe and Canada’s Yukon, showcased in Japan, and helped revive the instro rock genre worldwide.

In 2012, The Falcons are celebrating their 20th anniversary with three new albums: Atomic Guitar, the EP Collection, and Rebel Jukebox 10th anniversary edition.

The Falcons on YouTube

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The Falcons’ Queen of Diamonds album cover

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members and crew of this group include:  Mike Beddoes Blues Band, Ridgerunner, Gingerbox and many other NW bands

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Last Update:  19 June 2012
Credits: Mike Beddoes
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