Photo Courtesy of Dale Turnbull, September 2005
Gene, Dale, Danny and Darrell
Portland, Oregon
1968 - 1971


Gene Federici  ~ Guitar
Darrell McNeel ~ Guitar
Greg Meagher ~ Organ
Danny Rice ~ Drums
Dale Turnbull ~ Bass

Image courtesy of Dale Turnbull, September 2005

"Fantasy" was formed from an earlier group called "The Suns".  We played many local school dances, parties and out of town shows from 1966 until our demise in fall of 1971.  We played The KISN teen fair in both 1968 and 1969.  Gene, Danny and I later formed another group called "Blues Flux" with a fellow from Seattle named Bob Graham who played the harmonica.  We all went our separate ways after this.

I am currently playing with a band called "Loose Change" in the Portland area. As well as a number of side projects.

Gene has changed his name to Gino Michael and is still playing guitar and piano in Hood River.

I understand that Danny still plays but I haven't seen him in years.

Darrell still plays for enjoyment and lives in the Portland area.

I've also lost touch with Greg as well as Bob.

Dale Turnbull, September 2005

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Last Update: 18 September 2005
Credits: Dale Turnbull
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