Original Faze Promo Photo
Kirkland, Washington
1976 - 1979
1990 - 1992


Bill Bigelis ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Bob Bigelis ~ Drums
Nick Blackstone ~ Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Jeff L’Heureux ~ Vocals
John O’Hearn ~ Bass

Later Members

Monte Morgan – Rhythm guitar
Stewart ? ~ Guitar
Tim ? ~ Guitar

Management & Crew

Craig Cooke ~ Manager
Todd Bischoff ~ Lights
Rob MacArthur ~ Everything & Anything
Steve Matson ~ Sound
Rock-n-Roll Susie ~ Band Dog

Plus many Fazettes and Fazebiens

In Memory of

Charles Bigelis
Band Financier and #1 Fan (especially during Freebird)

Faze II

Photo courtesy of Todd Bischoff
The Faze and Roadies

Brothers Bill and Bob Bigelis from Kirkland Washington started the group Faze. The original members (less some very early configurations) included Bill and Bob, Nick Blackstone, Jeff L’Heureux, and John O’Hearn.  We all lived on Finn Hill and attended Finn Hill Junior High and Juanita High School.

The band was a popular party band that played sweet sixteen’s, Kirkland keg parties, ski resorts, and was also very adept and booking themselves at local school dances and assemblies. One of those early self- bookings was opening for Seattle Star at our own High School. S tar was really great to us and took us under their wing.  We played a few shows with them after signing with Unicam, and many years later, Bill played with their lead singer Galen Hanby in the group The Automatix. We loved Seattle Star, especially their sound and light guy, Darrel Beaver.

Faze Opening for Seattle Star

Much to the chagrin of the other band members, Nick invited a Unicam representative to a show at a local junior high school. We were signed immediately after that show.  Shortly thereafter, Craig Cooke signed on as our personal manager. Thus began our three-year tour of the State of Washington. We played from La Push to Walla Walla and all points in between including Lake Hills Roller Rink several times.

Unicam booked Faze as the “affordable Rail and Company” We had a similar set-list and our bass player even wore the same boots as Terry Young in Rail, but we booked out for $100’s of dollars less per night.  What made Faze unique is although at the time all dance halls insisted you played cover songs, we pushed it by pulling off some obscure covers such as Aqua Lung by Jethro Tull, Detroit Rock City by Kiss complete with pyrotechnics, and Ballroom Blitz by Sweet.

What also separated Faze from the rest of the pack is that we were accessible to our fans.  We became to many schools and communities “their” band.  Probably the best example of that is Lake Connor Park were we played many summer dances.  We also truly enjoyed the diversity of the gigs across the state.  One night we would be in Bellevue playing the prom at the Red Lion Inn, the next night we would be at Ephrata High School in the gym playing their prom.

One night at an Eastern Washington High School, we we're setting up for a prom dance and as usual, talking and making friends with the gals who where setting up for the dance.  When they were done we told that we would see them later at the prom.  They responded that they were “not asked by anyone to go to the prom and would be going home”.  We said “you're invited now”.  The girls rushed home and changed, returned to the school, and sat on the side of the stage as our dates!  On songs that Bill or Nick sang, Jeff took turns dancing with them all.

Craig Cooke’s popular cable TV show “Rockin’ You” was Faze’s only TV appearance but it was a good one. The guest comedian did not show up for the taping so the entire show was FAZE!  We played an opening number followed by a second, interviewed Craig and ended the show with Train Kept A Rollin’ by Aerosmith complete with fog that filled the entire sound stage.

In 1978, Nick left the band and joined forces with Shifter, (the brothers of Terry Young from Rail and Company). Our lead singer Jeff L’Heureux went on to sing in the very popular heavy metal band Culprit. Bill and Bob kept the Faze band alive with various musicians, and John gigged with other musicians and bands.

In 1986, Faze held a 10-year reunion gig at Waldo’s in Kirkland during Seafair weekend.  Our friends from Dix Delux and Dick Tracy also played the show.  Craig Cooke was the MC and held a Neil Morris (bass player from Dix Delux) look-a-like contest.  The response was so great the band decided to keep playing.  We played a few shows after that before Nick moved to Canada.  Additional members were then added that included Monte and Tim.

We know that there are a lot Fazettes and Fazebiens out their with pictures of these gigs. If you have any out there please scan and send them to:  Faze Photos

Nick Blackstone, January 2009


Jeff, Bill & Bob

Bill and Jeff

Jeff doing what he does best - SCREAM!

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Credits: Bill Bigelis, Nick Blackstone, Todd Bischoff
Photos courtesy of Bill Bigelis Todd Bishoff and Nick Blackstone
 Band # 2513