Northwest Dance Venues
Federal Way Skate Center - Photo Courtesy of Rod Mael
Federal Way Skate Center
Federal Way, Washington

Some of the bands that rocked The Federal Way Skate Center during those great years of NW music were:

City Zu
King Biscuit Entertainers
Ricky Nelson
Sundae Funnies
The Torquays
White Heart

Federal Way Skate Center was called the Family Circle' when I was going there in 1970.  I saw Vendetta  there.  Great show.  They were sort of Let It Bleed era Rolling Stones as I recall.  Playing clear Gibbon S-G's as Keith Richard did at the time.  There was a ton of black lights. Maybe a light show.

Patrick Roques, August 2004

Federal Way Skate Center was part of the "SANTAFAIR" complex.

Charlie (Chuck) Branstetter

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Last Update:  18 July 2010
Credits: Rod Mael, Gil Larson, Patrick Roques, Chuck Branstetter