Seattle, Washington
1968 - 1973


Danny Breyban ~
Dick Cady ~ Organ
Dave Coleman ~ Drums
Paul Farnan ~ Bass
Bruce Hall ~ Saxophone
Steph Janake ~ Vocals
Don Mock ~ Guitar
Rob Lowrey ~ Vocals
Thom Peck ~ Vocals
Dennis Yedon ~ Trumpet, Keyboards


Roy ~ Roadie

Rumor has it that Don was President of the Miniature Radio Controlled Hydroplane Association and teaches at the Guitar Institute in Los Angeles.

Paul Farnan was in Los Angeles several years ago and he was still at the Guitar Institute.  He was studying computer programming (isn't everybody).  He received a B. S. Computer Applications in 1998.

Dick Cady is active in the Seattle area helping under privileged children through music.  He has, also, backed up Peter Ross'  recordings of his flute music (particularly the shukuhachi flute) on several CD's.  Dick teaches around the Seattle area.

Dave is playing drums on cruise ships.  He has been playing the blues with T-Bone Walker and others, and, apparently, the cello on a Red Hot Chili Peppers CD.

Dennis previously played with the Statics, Larry Coryell, Mike Mandell and Buddy Rich.  He is teaching around the Seattle area.

Tom Peck spent some time living in Mexico but was last known to be living up north in and around Whatcom County.

Rob Lowrey also performed with the Galaxies, Surprise Package and American Eagle.  Rob operated Classic Antiques, on Phinney Ridge in Seattle, for many years.  I have heard that he is currently investing and managing real estate in North Seattle.

Donn Hughes, 22 January 2003, 24 January 2004

Actually, it was my father who recorded with T-Bone Walker, in the 40s.  Also it's not me w/ The Chilli guys, although I wish it was. I did however work for about 10 years on cruise ships. Apart from that, I spent time in San Diego and Denver, playing mostly jazz. I worked with Joe Henderson, Mose Allison, Herb Ellis, Ernestine Anderson and many others.

Dave Coleman, January 2004

Re:  “Rumor has it that Don was President of the Miniature Radio Controlled Hydroplane Association and teaches at the Guitar Institute in Los Angeles.”

That rumor was true, and he is also very connected into the world of *real* hydroplane racing.  Don did teach at “GIT” in Los Angeles.  He was one of the earliest instructors.   He is a prolific author of instructional books and videos.

Today Don still plays guitar and teaches in the Seattle area.   He is connected with the Roberts Music Institute in Bellevue.  You can see him perform with Jay Roberts on YouTube.

Don’s home page is at Don Mock Guitar.  He can also be found on Facebook. where you can find pictures of “Fiddler”

I am one of Don Mock’s guitar students.

Clifford Dibble, Bellevue, WA, December 2011

Dave Coleman grew up in a musical household in Seattle, Washington and went on to play the drums, like his father, the renowned drummer and teacher Dave Coleman Sr..  Dave cut his teeth in the clubs of Seattle in the 60’s and 70’s and went on to be a sideman to hundreds of great artists including Joe Henderson, George Cables, Javon Jackson, Diane Schuur, Melba Moore, Herb Ellis, Mal Waldron, John Handy, Joe Pass, Red Holloway, and Tal Farlow.  A move to San Diego in the 80’s found Dave playing with guitarist Ron Eschete’s Trio.  He also spent time in the bands of Ernestine Anderson, Dee Daniels, Mose Allison, bassist Glen Moore’s Trio, and the Quartets of Julian Priester/Carter Jefferson and the late Jim Pepper.  He has had a 25-year association with pianist Art Lande and performed with Art and bassist Gary Peacock as part of their innovative trio. He recently spent two years in the house band at the legendary “El Chapultepec Jazz Bar” in Denver, Colorado.  His recordings include Don Mock’s “Mock One” and “Speed of Light,” David Friesen's “Color Pool” , Dave Peterson’s “After Image” and the Bud Shank/Dave Peck collaboration “Tales of the Pilot.

Donn Hughes,  June 2013

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Credits: Donn Hughes, Carolyn Berner (Yadon), Dave Coleman, Tim Coleman, Clifford Dibble
Band # 1134