The Fighting Cocks
Seattle, Washington
1990 - 1992


Steve Aliment ~ Guitar, Lead Vocal
Jeff Kathan ~ Drums
Steve Pearson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Mike Wansley ~ Bass, Vocals

Seattle singer, songwriting duo Steve Aliment (ex Yanks) and Steve Pearson (ex Heats/Rangehoods) formed the band after Aliment returned to Seattle from San Francisco once Yanks self distructed.  It was supposed to be a songwriting project...NO GIGS. But they liked the songs and tricked Wansley and Kathan into joining and formed this band.  They rehearsed on Harbor Island in Seattle. Their demo was produced by Howard Leese (Heart)

(Used by Permission - From the Fighting Cocks Website).


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Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include:  The Heats / Heaters, Rangehoods, The Moberlys, Money, Yanks, Child, Tim Turner Band, Crown, 4 Faces West, SODS, Charlie and The Tunas, and many other NW bands.

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Credits: Steve Ailment
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