The Flakes - Photo Courtesy of Rick McLester
Bill, Rick, Brian, Lynn
The Flakes
Seattle, Washington
1980 - 1983


Lynn Cluck ~ Guitar, Vocals
Brian Dunham (Rogers) ~ Guitar Vocals
Rick McLester ~ Drums, Vocals
Bill ? ~ Bass

The Flakes - Photo Courtesy of Brian Rogers
Bill, Rick, Brian, Lynn

The Flakes existed in Seattle in the early 1980s.  They were a regular rotating band at Ruby Chow’s Lounge on Capitol Hill and the Gorilla Room on 1st Avenue.  They played new wave/Punk, Ramones and Dave Edmunds, Jilted John style stuff.  They were also known to take on the identity of the “Del Ridge Boys” and play country music at some Country and Western bars in Kent and DesMoines, Washington.

Brian and Bill’s whereabouts are not known.  Rick is an automobile dealer in Mesa, AZ and plays a solo acoustic guitar act.

Rick McLester, November 2002

Brian Rogers (a.k.a. Dunham) became a computer geek. He now lives in Everett, Washington

Brian Rogers, September 2003

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include: Hostage, Child, Mick Flynn Group, Spike and the Continentals and many others NW bands.

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Last Update:  13 December 2012
Credits:  Rick McLester, Brian Rogers
Band # 1056