Tim Foster, Rod Nichols, Jack Hourcade, Mike Wallace, and Jimmy 'whack' Sola
Boise, Idaho
1989 ~ 1995


Phil Carroll ~ Keyboards
Tim Foster ~ Keyboards
Warren Greaves ~ Keyboards
Jack Hourcade ~ Bass
Cole Johnson ~ Keyboards
Rod Nichols ~ Guitar
Jim Sola ~ Drums
Mike Wallace ~ Vocals

Some of the early Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of of include The Deacons, Product Fyve, The Mystics, The Crystal Ship, Ruckus and Charly Browne's All Stars

We enjoyed a high degree of success and exposure on a local level (all we really wanted) and opened quite a number of really great concert/dances for the likes of:  Mark Lindsay, Paul Revere and The Raiders, The Kingsmen, Merrilee Rush, Uriah Heep, The Box Tops, Johnny Rivers, Randy Bachman, Foghat, Rick Derringer, Rare Earth, The Association and others.  We did it all for fun.

The rhythm section, in my estimation, was as good as it gets.  Jim Sola, of the Deacons, and Jack Hourcade, a transplanted Cajun Bass player from New Orleans and I were together for 8 years.  I was truly blessed, and proud to say I played with these guys.

Rod Nichols, October 2001

Flashback also opened for Ronnie Montrose, the Drifters and Steppenwolf.

Jim Sola, December 2002

Are those T-Shirts still available?

Sammy Carlson, Webmaster - The Regents, Nov 2001

Front & Back of the Flashback CD

Inside of the CD Cover

On Stage in Boise W/ Charlie Coe

Some guy we traded t-shirts with
(Paul Revere)

The infamous greasy Crisco Barrel


Bogie's in Boise,  Mike Wallace, Rod Nichols and Phil Carroll
Photo Courtesy of Rod Nichols

Jack - The Bass God
Photo Courtesy of Rod Nichols

Tim Foster
Photo Courtesy of Rod Nichols


Phil Carrol on the B3
Photo Courtesy of Rod Nichols
Jimmy Whack Sola
Jimmy "Whack" Sola
Photo Courtesy of Rod Nichols

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Last Update:   2 February 2013
Credits: Jim Sola, Rod Nichols, Mike Wallace

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