Tacoma, Washington
1980 - 1991


Original Members

Mike Blackman ~ Guitar , Vocals
Steve Cox ~ Drums, Vocals
Christi Faye ~ Lead Vocals
John Harrigan ~ Keyboards, Key-Bass, Vocals

Later Additions

Tony Ciarochi ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Ron Howard ~ Bass, Vocals
Steve Merriam ~ Guitar, Vocals
Rick Thompson ~ Guitar, Vocals

Flight rocked the NW for years, we played all the top clubs in the area.  We blended Top-40 Rock with our Originals and had a blast doing it.  The band was a combination of so many talented players, I feel honored to have played music with them.  All of the members of Flight over the years played and recorded with many different people, the experience behind the music was phenomenal.

We have talked about getting together but don't know when.

Christi Faye, January 2007

Photos Courtesy of Steve Cox
Some of the Pacific Northwest music groups represented  in members of this group include: A New Days End, Adrian, Surprise, Peaceable Lane, Sleeping Village, Canon, Fantasy Force, Still Got it Band, and many other Northwest bands.

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Last Update:  31 July 2010
Credits:  Steve Cox, Christi Faye
Band # 1937