The Flourescents
Stan, Chuck, Doug, Dick & Bill
The Fluorescents
Seattle, Washington
1964 - 1969


Bill Everett ~ Tenor & Bass Saxophone
Chuck Gregory ~ Guitar, Vocals
Doug Hatch ~ Electric Piano
Dick Lietch ~ Bass, Vocals
Wayne Moore ~ Keyboards
Steve Rehn ~ Drums
Stan Ruehlow  ~ Drums

In Memory of

Bill Everett

The Fluorescents played in Seattle between 1964 and 1969 at The Vault on 2nd and Union, also at The Galaxy, and some casual jobs.  We had a great time.  Ronnie Pierce was the manager of The Vault.   We've recently brought a couple of the guys out of retirement, and we're playing again. We hope to be playing again soon in Seattle.

Chuck Gregory, September 2004 Guestbook Entry

I would like to submit an old Yakima rock band which had alot of impact in the early to mid sixties.

They were called The Fluorescents.  I recently met up with one of the members, Chuck Gregory, and told him about this website.

When I was 14 I went to a dancehall in Roslyn, WA and listened to these guys play.  Afterwards I was so jazzed up, me and a friend who I was jamming with, formed our own Rock band. I feel they deserve honorable mention.

From left to right in the photo members include: Stan Ruehlow (Drums) Chuck Gregory (Guitar and vocals) Doug Hatch (Electric piano) Dick Lietch (bass and vocals) Bill Everett (bass and tenor sax)

Bill Everett passed away, but the others are still alive, and according to Chuck, spread out across the Pacific Northwest. Chuck is still into music, in fact he just talked me out of selling my equipment and even offered to help me find some people to jam with.  Funny I always wondered from time to time what had happened to them and then by luck, boom!! Kinda spooky.....

Rick Krahenbuhl, September 2007

The Fluoresents was the only band I was priviledged to play in.  I had the good fortune of reuniting with the band in July of 2004 for a reunion gig with all the local bands at the convention center and it was a blast. Since the reunion I still sit in occasionally for a gig.

Doug Hatch, January 2008

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