Foolproof - Photo courtesy of Peggy Johnson
Whidbey Island, Washington
1978 - 1982


Bob Casey ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Fred Dente ~ Bass, Vocals
Robert Jangaard ~ Saxophone
John Kimball ~ Guitar, Vocals
Kate Licastro ~ Vocals
Michael Licastro ~ Guitar, Vocals
Victrola Locke ~ Vocals
Marty Lockwood ~ Drums
Margianne Moss ~ Vocals
Chris Peterson ~ Flute


Steve Gregory  ~ Sound

Foolproof was born within the musical theater group "Fools" of  Langley, Washington. The pit band, the on-stage singers, and the  songwriters became the rock band "Foolproof".

We played on Whidbey  Island, the San Juans, Port Townsend, and Seattle, including one of the first Bumbershoots and the Sci-Fi Expo with George "Sulu" Takai.

Robert Casey, February 2006

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Last Update:  14 November 2008
Credits:  Bob Casey, Peggy Johnson (photo), Peggy Kimbell
Band # 1915