Fourmost Five - 1966 - Photo courtesy of Nick Bubas
Fourmost Five - 1966
FourMost Five
AKA:  FourMost
Vancouver, British Columbia
1966 - 1969


Nick Bubas ~ Guitar, Vocals
Dave Hardy ~ Drums, Vocals
Larry Johnson ~ Drums
Tom Kelly ~ Bass, Vocals
Peter Low ~ Bass
Jack Matches ~ Drums, Vocals
John Myers ~ Saxophone, Vocals
John Taylor ~ Keyboards

I grew up in a small town located in the S.E. corner of B.C. called Nelson,  where I attended primary and secondary school. Being a student interested in music and being part of the school band, some of us had their own band as well. During 1959 to 1963 our band was called "The Regents".  About 1961, I heard there was a band called the "Regents" which was from Seattle or Tacoma.  I remember thinking, now we one each side of the 49th!  During that time, we really didn't venture far and generally performed in our local area.  In 1964, I moved to Vancouver to attend the BC Institute of Technology where my first priority was try to establish or become part of a band.  I became a member of the Pepper Black and we performed various small functions, parties, etc. In 1965 I had the opportunity to part of establishing a good rock and R&B band called FourMost and then Foremost Five (a sax addition).
Fourmost Five - 1967 - Photo courtesy of Nick Bubas
FourMost 5 (1967 Photo): (The Flamingo Hotel Lounge)

In listening to the Regents early rendition of  "Comin' Home" , it brought back of old memories. We played that same song here. Under the banner of Foremost Five, we played many of clubs in Vancouver, and on one occasion through the Single Key Club, we performed at their facility in Seattle.

The other memorable experience I had playing in Washington, was at the "Breakers" in Blaine where I brew out both of my speakers in my Gibson Amp. Maybe that is why I've use a Fender since.

In 1968, I got married and that put an end to that "nonsense". WELL, after being married to the same lady for 35 years, a lot of hard work and 2 kids; 11 years or so ago, I was compelled to get back into music and I haven't stopped since. It is a hobby with me and it's still fun creating an art which I enjoy - especially when it can be shared with others as well.

(Webmaster's note:  This is a recurring event with the old NW musicians.  They give it up for a variety of reasons, then take it up again many year later and have a blast... This Webmaster is included).

Nick Bubas, November 2003

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Credits:  Nick Bubas
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