Meadowdale HS 1970 Homecoming dance
North Seattle, Washington
1970 - 1972


Mike Audette ~ Bass, Vocals
Glen "Lane" Collinson ~ Guitar, Backing Vocals
Bob Evans  ~ Keys, Vocals
Nells Hennum ~ Keys
Randy Hiatt ~ Drums, Backing Vocals
Pam Olsen ~ Vocals

After a year or two (starting in Jr. High) of playing drums in my bedroom/garage/living room with the neighbor guys I got brave enough to test my skills by answering a newspaper want add... "Drummer wanted, working band".  I auditioned and (yikes, now what do I do!) got the gig. Frame would be my first working band.  We formed around the older and wiser semi-pro singer Pam Olsen who had the wherewithal to front a band, promote, dig up gigs and convince the rest of us to leave the comfort of our garages.  Bob Evans (keys) was a really good vocalist (Edmonds HS choir) and actually had a keyboard (a rare find for the day).  Mike Audette (bass) was also a very good vocalist (Meadowdale HS choir).  He, Pam and Bob gave us that edge, separating us from the typical one dimensional vocal treatments of most bands starting out.  Glen (Lane) Collinson (guitar) was our secret weapon.  He could solo with the best of them and was a true student of the guitar greats like Clapton, Santana, Joe Walsh etc.  I was their drummer and reluctant backing vocalist (you know what they say.... Drummers are just people who want to hang out with musicians.

Pam brought her favorite tunes to the band (some of which we rocked up a bit) and we all were involved in selecting the other tunes.  Rehearsals revolved from house to house a few times per week.  Powered by our 35 watt Bogen PA amp and whatever speakers we could muster (or make) we hit the HS dance circuit, played parties and even did a few small bars. My 4 door '54 Pontiac was also our "van".

Bob eventually left the group and was replaced by multi-keyboard master Nells Hennum.  In those days having both a Hammond organ and a Fender Rhodes piano was a big deal, ...and playing them like a Keith Emerson was almost unheard of. Nells was a trained classical/jazz musician while we were all barely self taught.  Nells had never been in a band before, was one of those briefcase caring Jr. High school genius types, but we broke him out of his shell pretty quickly even though his mother, a school teacher, was not too keen on the idea.

Fond memory:  Playing with Nells was a religious experience for me.  I remember setting up for a HS dance many hours early while the rest of the band went out for the usual pre-gig "dinner", Nells and I would stay back and just jam.  He was the first person to introduce me to a concept he called "free jazz" where no time signatures or keys were required (or allowed), just play what you hear/feel.  Being a beginner this was easy (ignorance is bliss) and we would play like that for hours, often gathering a small crowd of gawkers who probably were let down when we played our typical radio pop stuff during the dance.  Nells also introduced me to King Crimson's 1st LP, Court of the Crimson King.  I would never be the same again.  To this day jamming and progressive rock are my cornerstones, thanks Nells for opening the window.

Fond memory:  Winning the 1972 WHS battle of the bands came as a complete surprise to us all (and from what I heard in the halls at school on Monday, so to the students).  Amongst the judges were various radio professionals, agents and a local rock drummer, fellow Woodwayite (and a hero of mine) Mike Derosier (Blizzard , The Clever Bastards, Child, Heart).  Many good local rock bands played that night, the winner was to come back and play a final short set.  We were up early (3rd?) but didn't feel we played our best (nerves).  Knowing that harder rock competition was still to come we figured we might as well just pack up the gear and enjoy the rest of the show.  Lane was so bummed he left by the time winners were announced.  In a panic we tried to find him, eventually calling his mom we discovered he was already home, in bed, asleep. Needless to say there was no final set.  That night Frame won best group, Pam won best vocalist, Lane won best instrumentalist, all of which came with trophies and even cash!  Once you get that taste in your mouth your hooked.

I still see Mike occasionally and Lane is still to this day a regular at our weekly jam sessions in my Lynnwood home recording studio (rec-room) under the umbrella project name of Music by Accident.  MbA currently have cover tunes and origs floating around the web. Nells & Pam look me up!

Randy Hiatt, May 2006

Lane and Randy face off and Nells (in the shadows) at the Meadowdale HS 1970 Homecoming dance.

Randy, Meadowdale HS 1970 Home coming dance

Meadowdale HS 1971

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Credits:  Randy Hiatt

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