Northwest Dance & Music Venues

Puddle City at Frankenstein's - 1970
AKA Sack's Front Avenue
Portland, Oregon

Some of the bands that performed at this place during those great years of NW live music were:

Brown Sugar
Dr. Corn's Bluegrass Remedy
Fly By Night Jass Band
Heavy Guage String Band
Holy Modal Rounders
Portland Cement
Puddle City
Cal Scott
Seafood Mama
Sleezy Pieces
Sunnyland Band

Others ??

I can remember going to Frankensteins on the Waterfront near NW Portland to hear Sunnyland Band.  They had a great following.  They played there during 1971 and 1972.

Mary Soule, June 2007

Frankenstein's became Sack's Front Avenue.  It was a very popular place for a lot of the Portland bands of the day like Brown Sugar and Seafood Mama to name two.  It was managed by Tom Ohling in the Sack's days..

Dale Turnbull, June 2007

Frankenstein's had the pleasure of hosting a number of Portland's finestbands. Among them were Upepo, Sleezy Pieces, Cal Scott, Brown Sugar, Portland Cement, Providence, Puddle City, Seafood Mama, Sunnyland Band,
Heavy Guage String Band, Dr. Corn's Bluegrass Remedy, Holy Modal Rounders, Emanon, and the Fly By Night Jass Band to name just a few.  I was lucky enough to be the manager of Frankenstein's for a period of time.  It was a pleasure to get to know all the members of these bands and become good friends with a number of them.  I especially miss my high school friend Tom Miller as I'm sure everyone in the Portland Music Scene does.

Paul Golden, November 2007

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