Freddie & The Screamers
Seattle, Washington
1987 - 1995


First Incarnation

Barrie Curtis ~ Lead Guitar
Freddie Dennis ~ Bass, Vocals
Andy Parypa ~ Bass
Larry Parypa ~ Guitar
Ron Woods ~ Drums

Later Members

Freddie Dennis ~ Vocals
Pat Gossan ~ Keyboards
Bruce Hazen ~ Guitar
Dave McClain ~ Bass
Goldy McJohn ~ Keyboards
Steve Penn ~ Guitar
Steve Yusen ~ Drums

Recent Reunited Members

Freddie Dennis ~ Bass, Vocals
Barry Curtis ~ Guitar
Andy Parypa ~ Guitar
Steve Peterson ~ Drums, Vocals

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of Freddie & The Screamers include:  Floating Bridge, Child, Hi-Fi, Sweet Talkin Jones, The Kingsmen, The BeanBarry Delights, Charlie & The Tunas , The Saints, The Daily Flash, and many others NW bands.

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Last Update:  11 September 2013
Credits: Dave Baroh, Bruce Hazen, Steve Penn, Freddie Dennis
Band # 734