Photo Courtesy of Mike Poe
Freeway Jam
Tacoma, Washington
1977 - 1985


Don Bostwick ~ Guitar
Tommy Davis ~ Guitar
Steve Freeberg ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Mickey Grubert ~
Sam Hanson ~ Guitar
Alic Johanson ~
Brian Johnson ~
Tim Osborne ~
Terry Toporke ~ Bass

Gary Toporke ~ Sound

Freeway Jam started in 1977 with Tommy Davis, Steve Freeberg, Mickey Grubert, Don Bostwick, Sam Hanson, Alic Johanson. We were booked through Farwest entertainment and played up until about 1985 or so. We had different members for some of those years. Terry Toporke, Brian Johnson, Tim Osborne, and Gary Toporke running sound.  We played all the clubs from Olympia to Everett, Montana,Oregon, and Canada.

Don Bostwick, May 2012

Freeway Jam was out of Tacoma.   I used to be an "unofficial" photographer of many bands who played at Astaire's in Olympia.  I photographed many of the Jaugernaut shows when they played.  I also did Freeway Jam, Lipps, Mercenary and others. Not really a part of any band crew just helped out and took pictures.

Gregg Akehurst. March 2012

I was a vocalist and keyboard player for Freeway Jam.  Love the Northwest!

Steven Freeberg, June 2007

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Last Update:  30 May 2012
Credits:  Don Bostwick, Steven Freeberg, Gregg Akehurst, Dan Harris

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