Mike Behm, Mark Merit, Randy Behm
Lloyd Bachinski, Gary Bishop
Duncan - Vancouver, British Columbia
1982 - 1993


Lloyd Bachinsky ~ Lead Vocals
Mike Behm ~ Guitar, Vocals
Randy Behm  ~ Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Gary Bishop ~ Lead Vocals
Mike Grant ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Dave Hopia ~ Bass, Vocals
Brian Lousley ~ Drums, Vocals
Mark Merritt ~ Drums, Vocals
Gerry Poole ~ Drums, Vocals


Rick Bazion ~ Sound
Dan Easton ~ Lights, Follow Spot
Steve Hopia ~ Sound
Darin McVay ~ Lights (1987-1988)
Pete Nessman ~ Lights
Brian Niles ~ Lights
Daryl Ramsey ~ Lights, Follow Spot, Stagehand
Gary Walters ~ Lights
Fernando ? ~ Lights
George ? ~ Stagehand

Other Pacific Northwest band represented in Frenzy by its members were Trama, Stonebolt, Roulette and many other PNE/PNW Bands.

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Last Update:  31 July 2012
Credits:  Randy Behmm, Darin McVay

 Band # 2527