Nanaimo, British Columbia
1968 ~ 1970


Matt Duffus ~ Bass
Joe Lovett ~ Guitar, Vocals
Regan Meyers ~ B3 Organ
Clark Perry ~ Vocals
Lenny Steen ~ Bass
Tony Toly ~ Drums
Terry Van Fleet ~ Guitar

In Memory of

Terry Van Fleet

FRIESHA band of Nanaimo who was killed in a freak accident on his bike.   FRIESHA were active in the  68-70 era and featured a real bitchin Deep Purple tribute... Terry was large on Richie Blackmore guitar style... anyway the rest of the band was Tony Tully, drums...Regan Meyers, organ (B3)...Lenny Steen, bass....Clark Perry, vocals...Joe Lovett, lead vocals and guitar.  We toured with Friesha in the FOX band and believe me when the Friesha-Fox act hit town, they knew it.
Jim Cole, January 2004
Hi..Terry Perry here.  I do have pictures and a flyer with the original bass player, Matt Duffus, that I can send.  Some are with the artwork of Jeff Reeves.

Van Fleet wrote some great songs, my favorite being 'Johnny Lightning', but Freisha never performed that one. Clark Perry and Terry Van Fleet co-wrote several songs just before Terry passed away.

Terry Perry, May 2007

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Last Update: 30 January 2010
Credits:  Jim Cole, Terry Perry, Joe Lovett
Band # 1533