The Fugitives - 1966  - Photo Courtesy of Sharie Gallup
The Fugitives
Home Town, Oregon
Mid to Late 1960's


Rhonda Anderson ~ Dancer
Bob Bentz ~ Keyboards
Larry Burton ~ Drums
Steve Evans ~ Bass
Ann Scott-Jenkins ~ Dancer
Mike Walker ~ Guitar
Ray Walker ~ Vocals


Recording Artists for
Lavender Records, Seaside, OR

Photo by Ron Nolan


In Memory of

Rhonda Anderson  1951 - 2007
Steve Evans d:  9 March 2012
Mike Walker 1948-2015
Ray Walker 1949-2004

Ann Scott-Jenkins

I am Ann Scott-Jenkins.  I am the blonde dancer in the above photo.  Rhonda Anderson was the brunette dancer.  Ray Walker was the lead singer. His brother Mike Walker played rhythm, Steve Evans played bass and Larry Burton played drums. The top photo was taken in my backyard by Ron Nolan from KATU Channel 2 News.  It was our publicity picture. Bob Bentz (not pictured) later joined the group as keyboards.

The boys formed the Fugitives in the mid 60's. Rhonda and I joined the group as dancers around 1967.

Jane Russell was in Portland for a benefit and asked Rhonda and me to join the boys for one set.  Everyone loved it and the group became The Fugitives with Ann & Rhonda.  We won Battles of the Bands and traveled throughout Oregon, Washington and California.

I moved to Los Angeles in 1969 and lost track of the group.  I continued my dancing and went on to become one of Dean Martin's Golddiggers.

Ann Scott-Jenkin, May 2007

Steve Evans later joined the band "Action Unlimited Show Band" and played as a professional musician until the mid-1980's.  Steve played bass guitar, trumpet, trombone, bongo drums and vocals.  In the later years, they played as the main band in Portland, Oregon at the Longhorn and then at Taylor's Viewpoint for several years when it was a bar and dance club.

Sharie Gallup, July 2012

The Fugitives -  1966 Battle of The Bands - Photos Courtesy of Sharie Gallup

Steve Evans passed away March 9, 2012 from cancer.

Sharie Gallup, July 2012

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Credits: Don Rogers, Rojer Blaine, Ron Nolan, Ann Scott-Jenkins, Sharie Gallup
Band # 431