Full Circle - Photo Courtesy of Joe Cox
Larry, Kregg, Joe and Tom - Photo Courtesy of Joe Cox
Full Circle
Kirkland, Washington


Joe Cox ~ Bass
Kregg Mattson ~ Guitar
Larry Quam ~ Guitar
Tom ? ~ Drums

In Memory of

Larry Quam
d:  May 2009

Full Circle was a very short-lived band. It started in the summer of 1975 and ended in the fall of 1975.  I think we played four gigs.

Larry Quam passed away at age 54 in May of 2009.  Larry was a great guitar player.  I remember him playing the guitar solo in "The Beatles" song "And Your Bird Can Sing", playing both of the harmony parts at once.  The band "The Rascals" (in the 1960's they were called "The Young Rascals") had a song called "Jungle Walk" which had a very difficult rhythm guitar part that Larry played with ease.

Kregg Mattson said that Larry put more love into his playing than anyone he ever knew.  Larry could play anything, rock, soul, jazz, country or blues.  I'll always remember Larry for being a very nice guy and an amazing guitar player.

Joe Cox, May 2010

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