Vashon Island, Washington
1966 - 1967


Tony Ortega ~ Drums
Tom Peck ~ Vocals

Others  ~  ?????

Gazebo was from Vashon Island.  They were together around 1966 - 1967.  They played NW Oregon and Western WA.  They were a great band and had a lead singer that was a great person.

George Goins, March 2008

As I recall, The Plymouth Rockers were in the finals of Pat O'Day's Teen Fair, and lost in the final Battle of the Bands to the Bandits from Mercer Island.

Sometime after that, they decided costumes were as passe as their name and they became The Gazebo.  When this happened, there was some shuffling of the members, and the new lead singer was a kid named Tom Peck.  Yes, he was phenomenal, in the mold of really young lead singers like Van Morrison.  I think they dropped the organ player, but can't be sure.  I was at a practice of theirs in the winter of 1968-69, which I remember only because The White Album had just come out.

Rob Eiring, May 2011

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