The Genetics
Eugene, Oregon
1965 - 1967


Vic Beardon ~ Guitar
Jay Bonzer ~ Guitar
Mike Chapman ~ Drums
Doug Gustafson ~ Guitar
Larry Henderson ~ Bass, Vocals
Phil Jessen ~ Drums
Dave Wilson ~ Keyboards
Jeff Ziller ~ Lead Vocals

I used to listen to a band called the Genetics from Eugene Oregon around 1966-67. They played high school/college parties and dances.  These guys got me interested in playing music at age 13.

Keith Skelton, December 2004

I was turned on to this site by a friend who knew I had been in a band many years ago.   He even remembered the name of the band.  He told me to go to this site and check it out.  Sure as hell there was my old band.  Pretty Cool!

I think the site is great and will spend a bunch of time going through it.

J. Bonzer , May 2005

The Genetics (65-66)  Image Courtesy of Phil Jessen

The above is a photo of the of the early version of the Genetics (1965 - 1966) .   Members were: Vic Bearden (Guitar), Doug Gustafson (Guitar), and Phil Jessen (Drums).

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Last Update:  17 March 2014
Credits: Keith Skelton, J. Bonzer, Jeff Ziller. Phil Jessen
Band # 1566