Hugo, Sarge
Vlad, Mitch
Get Back
Seattle, Washington
1985 - 1992


Jenni Downs ~ Bass, Vocals
Tony Herman ~ Bass, Vocals
Steve "Stelee" Lee ~ Drums, Keyboards, Vocals
Mike McGarrah ~ Drums
Vladimir Ringo ~ Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Steve "Sarge" Stransky ~ Keyboards, Guitar, Saxophone, Harp, Vocals
Hugo "Hugo McParty" Taylor ~ Bass, Vocals

In Memory of

Steve "Sarge" Stransky
b:  31 December 1950  -  d:  9 February 2012

Vladimir Ringo: Lead Guitar, Keys and Vocals,
Hugo “Huge Mc Party” Taylor:  Bass, Vocals and Hooeys!
Steve “Sarge” Stransky:  Vocal, Keyboards, Guitar, Sax, Harp, between song rambles about precious moments…
Steve “Stelee” Lee: Drums, Squeeky Vocals, Keys - on the only time we played “Because”, by The Beatles, live.

Vlad recalls: “Our first drummer was Mitch, his parting words were "you're all just a bunch of big babies". I thought about it and figured...“what's wrong with that?”.
Mike Mc Garrah: was drummer #2, great guy, should’ve been a “parrot head”.
Tony Herman:  Bass and Vocals, had an auto-body experience.
Jenni Downes: Bass and Vocals, “One of the guys”

Click Here to Listen to Get Back Perfomr The Beverly Hillbillies Rap

Sarge, Vlad, Mike, Hugo

Hugo and Vlad started with the idea for Get Back, then called Sarge, who recently left Tight Shoes, to retire from road work…

Vlad, who knew Tight Shoes and had run sound for them a few times, remembered Sarges vocals and insisted Hugo give him the number to call and proposed the 60’s rock/Beatles idea… and that sounded good, with Sarge onboard it was a go. The idea was to have fun, which soon turned into almost six years of hilarity, similar to a Monkees tv show, but with really talented players, and a couple adult beverages mixed in.

Get Back tried to feature a Beatles song or two in every set and mixed in stuff like:  I fought the law-Bobby Fuller Four; Game of Love- Mindbenders; The Letter-Boxtops; California Sun – The Rivieras; Dozens of Beatles songs.

“We were the last band to play the historic Jolly Roger/Hunan Wok, the owners were kind enough to stay late and let us pack out our equipment, after our two week stay… the next Thursday the place burned to the ground.”

The band eventually landed a house gig at Seattle’s legendary “Jigsaw” Tavern in West Seattle and held it for years, with a crazy and fanatical following, who would conga through the club, over to Admiral Benbough’s and back… usually trying to find the band who was on a “15” minute coffee nudge break…

Some clubs played were, T.R. Garrity’s, The Jolly Roger Roadhouse, The Jigsaw, The Detour, El Tapatio, The Boojum Tree, The Pickwick, Kilroy’s, The Palace of China…

Truth is, Get Back never did break up, we had too much fun for that, but we eventually stopped taking gigs and started having a yearly reunion, for friends and our own enjoyment.  Although we are spread out across Washington today, all are still close friends and playing in great local bands; Shambala (3 dog night tribute) and The Phantoms Blues band.

Hugo & Sarge

Get Back recorded a rap version of The Beverly Hillbilly Theme song.
This is the picture cover for the CD. Only four copies are reported to be in existence. 
Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this group include: Dillinger, Tight Shoes, Fanatics, Ankora, Canon and many other NW bands.

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Last Update:  9  February 2012
Credits: Steve Stransky, Jenni Downs, Hugo Taylor
Band # 1728