Grassy Butte
Port Hadlock - Seattle, Washington
1970 - 1972


Gregg Easton Christenson ~ Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Dick Harvey ~ Guitar, Vocals
Bill “Billo” Little ~ Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Vocals
Kelly Royal ~ Bass
Neil “Neilo” Smith ~ Drums
Mac Walkley ~ Drums, Vocals


In Memory of

Dick Harvey

Originally started by long time friends Gregg Easton Christenson and Bill Little of the “Shaynes”, and Neil Smith on drums in Port Hadlock, WA. Circa 1970.

The group started as a power trio with Gregg and Bill switching off on Guitar, Bass, and Keyboards and “Neilo” on drums.

The name “Grassy Butte” was derived from the name of the town in N. Dakota where the grandfather of Ron Fox (the Shaynes) resided. Ron had many stories about his grandfather and his life in this little, out of the way place on the map. The essence of “Grassy Butte, ND” seemed to fit the group's mindset.

They played the “Roma Inn” at Port Townsend WA. under the name “The Grassy Butte Cashews” on a frequent, regular basis. “Rhody Festival” was always a highlight!  They gigged in the Olympic Peninsula area for a while and then transitioned to Seattle in hopes of a more lucrative lifestyle.

Neil Smith moved on and Mac Walkley replaced him as drummer and added a nice vocal. At that time they added a full-time bass player in Kelly Royal to make up their four piece configuration with Gregg on guitar and vocals, Bill on keyboards, guitar, and vocals, Mac on drums and vocals, and Kelly on bass. They shortened their name to “Grassy Butte” and started gigging.

They worked up a great set of original material and did a few covers.

Gregg moved on and was replaced by Dick Harvey (Upcountry) on guitar and vocals.

They gigged for a time. Kelly moved on. The group lost momentum.

At that time Bill and Mac joined with Ed Retzlof and Clint DeLong (Lyte) on an odyssey to Nashville, effectually ending the group “Grassy Butte”.

Gregg Easton Christenson,  2005

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Credits: Gregg Easton Christenson
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