Great Canadian River Race - 1971 - Photo Courtesy of GCRR Website
Great Canadian River Race
Penticton, British Columbia
1970 - Present


Original Lineup

  Duncan Meiklejohn ~ Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
Darrell Quast ~ Percussion, Vocals
Marcus Redivo ~ Bass
Selwyn Redivo ~ Guitar, Flute, Vocals
Lyle Shepard ~ Drums

Later Members

Ken Chalmers ~ Drums
Matt Frenette ~ Drums
Paul Dean ~ Guitar

Crew / Management

Mike Gale ~ Road Manager
Bob Harris ~ Manager
Jerry Neufeld ~ Sound
Studio City Music, Alberta ~ Bookings

The Great Canadian river race was formed in 1970 and toured extensively in Canada and the Northern US. Original members included Duncan Meiklejohn, Darrell Quast, Marcus Redivo, Selwyn Redivo and Lyle Shepard.  Later members included Kenny Chalmers, Paul Dean and Matt Frenett.

They released two singles on the “London Records” label, titled “Briar’s town Ferry” and “Show me your love/Brenda Marie”, which received limited airplay on Canadian Radio. Their true success was in being an extremely popular “working band”. They played night clubs, bars, cabarets, one night concerts, high schools, universities and even lounges. Wherever they played, large crowds soon became fans. For many, the band is an integral part of cherished memories from a past era.


Image Courtesy of GCRR
GCRR Reunited - July 2005

After nearly 33 years apart, the band recently reunited for their 35 year reunion. This site is for everyone who has a memory that cannot be separated from the band, or the era in which they played. Enjoy.

Duncan, Marcus and Selwyn played together in two former Penticton BC bands, “The Barons” and “The House of Lords” which included Drummer Neil Morrison and Bass player Barry Scott (the Barons) and drummer Ron Beechey (the House of Lords).

Lyle Shepard and Darrell Quast played together in a former Kamloops BC band called “Solution” which included Keyboard player David Parkinson, guitarist Doug Jeffers and Bass player, Gary Shepard

Matt Frenette and Paul Dean both went on to perform with Loverboy.

Thirty five years after their initial breakup, the band reunited

Great Canadian River Race Website

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