Green Apple
New Westminster, British Columbia
Early 1970s - Mid 1980s


Bob Kroeker ~ Guitar, Vocals
Rob LaHane ~ Guitar, Vocals
Bill Main ~ Bass, Vocals
Danny Olsen ~ Drums, Vocals

Our original band Green Apple began early in the 1970's in high school at New Westminster High School NWSS.

We started playing professionally with weddings, banquets etc. with my mom as manager and soon we joined an agency and became one of the youngest bands at the time playing around Vancouver.  In fact we started playing some venues before we were old enough to legally be inside and we had to stay on the stage.  We played together from early 70's to mid 80's.

One of our frequent and favourite places to play was the Old Town Pump in Gastown, Vancouver.

The the band split, and we formed three other bands that followed: Summit, Wall Street and Odyssey all of which continued in Canada...  In fact, Wall Street, still does the odd gig in Vancouver and Odyssey just played last summer at the 100th year celebration of Henry Hudson Elementary School in Vancouver, at a very successful outdoor gig.

One of the original members of Green Apple and later in Wall Street, Rob Lahane, who now goes by the stage name of Thirsty Howell, was nominated for a Juno award two years ago for a jazz album.  Most of the members to this day continue to play professionally.  Our original drummer Danny Olsen recently did a tribute to Alan Parson's work and they successfully raised a lot of money for music programs for young musicians.

Bob Kroeker, January 2014


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Last Update:  18 January 2014
Credits: Bob Kroeker
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