Green Rain - May 1969 - Courtesy of WD Frank
WD Frank, Ross Pouley, Dave Holt, Rick Fisher, Bob Ries
The Green Rain
Yakima, Washington
1965 - 1971


Rick Fisher ~ Saxophone, Flute (69-71)
WD Frank ~ Drums, Vocals (65-71)
Dave Holt ~ Farfisa Organ, Vocals (65-71)
Curtis Hurst ~ Trumpet, Guitar, Vocals (69-71)
Patty Newquist ~ Flute, Vocals (68)
Ross Pouley ~ Bass, Vocals (65-71)
Bob Ries ~ Guitar, Vocals (65-71)
Bruce Schactler ~ Trumpet, (69-71)

The Green Rain (Yakima, WA) performed in a number of configurations from 1965 through 1971 in a variety of locations throughout the northwest, including: fraternity parties at University of Washington, University of Puget Sound, and University of Oregon; community college and high school dances and street parties throughout eastern Washington; and at dance halls such as the Women's Century Club and the Downtown in Yakima.

WD Frank, October 2009

When the Fourth of July fell on a Saturday, it became a tradition to close Linden Way for a block party.  The Yakima Herald Republic newspaper sent a photographer to take pictures at this unusual (for the time) event.  Unfortunately, the Green Rain Horns were taking a breather while the original core group entertained the crowd.  You can see the mic stands for our horn players to the right of the guitarist at ground level. This picture ran in the 5 July 1970 edition.

WD Frank, October 2009

Group Publicity Photo for the Catholic Youth Organization - Green Rain, Time Exit and Phat
Standing: Bob Ries (Green Rain); Greg Bemis (Time Exit); Ross Pouley (Green Rain); Mike Cushman (Time Exit); Rick Fisher (Green Rain); Curtis Hurst (Time Exit); W.D. Frank (Green Rain); Bradley Eliason (Phat); Pat Moss (Phat)
 Seated: Dave Holt (Green Rain); Robb Amis (Time Exit).  [missing from the photo: Bill Durham (Phat)]

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Credits:  WD Frank, Bruce Schactler

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